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We are RESCUE!

By Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue 

Do you all remember in the fall/winter of 2010 when my home was struck with an unknown virus brought in by a shelter dog? If you recall, I lost three dogs in four days and a huge portion of my heart. We never did find out specifically what that virus was either. We also had four others that spent 30-45 days in ICU just to save their lives. 

Because those precious lives were lost (pictured, two were my very own babies and one rescue) we started a new quarantine protocol for all shelter dogs. But even with them being quarantined for 14 days, we can't be certain that is long enough for all virus, after all we aren't God. For instance, when Rhea Rhea came here...she was too ill to be quarantined. On the 14th day of her being sprung from the shelter, she came down with Parvo. yes, the dreaded Parvo. So, on top of all diabetis, the lack of body fat, etc...she was now deathly ill. 

No, I didn't advertise it on facebook, because I and my furkids were already being rejected by those that were supposed to be closest to us, why would I put something like that out there? I suppose if I were on an ego trip and wanted you to know how knowledgeable I was or that I saved this dog....I would have. But, was never the case. My concern was for her and doing whatever was necessary to help her survive. I went every day and willed that dog to live. I, myself, was just recovering from pneumonia. Even though, the rescue "family" never bothered to check on us, she continued to fight. Today, she's thriving and gaining weight. Lose respect for the "family"? yes, you bet I did. This behavior reminded me of why family isn't always the best group to turn to. Perhaps business is the best relationship to have in these situations. Then, the expections aren't there that disappoint us all we we are let down. 

As you know Rhea Rhea is going strong now...and so is this rescue. We are here now and always for the dog. Not to stroke egos or to make sure everyone is appreciated. The appreciation is and should always be when you see that foster dog finally at home in it's new forever home. There is nothing like it when a foster dog dismisses you for the new family. Do we cry? You bet we do! But, they are tears of joy as we move forward to help the next dog that's waiting. 

Every rescue has a set of rules that were established as situations came into play. We have so very little to go on when checking out applications for adoption or fostering that we have to go with what the "norm" is for the recommendations of what's in the best interest of the dogs. Humans may have their feelings hurt in the process, but those feelings will heal. These dogs only have one chance at life and the choices we make for them have to be choices that both that dog and the rescue can live with. The key word being "live". 

So, for the record...if you choose not to vaccinate your dogs. That is truly your choice. I have one or two here that can't be vaccinated either. But, I do titers on them to make sure the immunity is there before I ever dream of bringing in a dog that is unknown to me. Some of my best friends don't vaccinate. Again, all their choice to do so and applaud them for following what they believe in and not condemning me for my beliefs! I've read and studied and even attended seminars on the subject. And for this rescue, our protocol has worked well for us. 

So, if we should reject your application for fostering because you choose to not vaccinate. We aren't condemnin you, so Don't condemn us for not wanting you to go through the pure hell I went through that winter of's a heartache that never goes away. Two years later, it's still there. 

So before you trash me and this rescue for not approving that application...consider the lives at your feet that may have been saved. Also, you should know the whole story and it isn't always just me that makes that choice...I just happened to be the one that sends the reject emails because others just didn't want to deal with the people. And you know, that's okay...because if anyone needs someone out there to blame so they don't have to look at themselves and their own actions or choices, I can take it. But don't hurt the dogs....they don't deserve your wrath. So as you pick up that mouse and decide that you want to go out there an publicly slam me or this rescue, think about who you are really hurting. Is it really me? Or is it the dogs? I think you know the answer already...and shame on you. 

We are strong and will remain so. We don't need "professional" looking photos to place our dogs or to advertise. Actually, the home grown ones do just fine and capture the more precious moments in life anyway. So, thank you all for your patience as we grow and support as we make some needed changes! 

Now...back to rescuing dogs...


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