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  Sponsorship Information

Considering a Sponsorship of one of our "Special Needs" Sheltie's is a Loving & Caring way to Co-Adopt. Co-Adoption at COSR is a New way to show your sheltie love without the daily responsibility of a Dog.  One of our Specially Trained "Forever Fosters" will provide the Daily Shelter and routine care, While you Help the Rescue with the "Special Needs" expenses as a "Co-Parent". Here is a listing of our Special Needs Shelties that you can choose to Sponsor.


Sterling: Baby Sterling came to COSR as a 12wk old puppy in the final stages of Congestive Heart Failure. Nearly $6,000 and 10 months later, Sterling is still recovering from his PVA surgery. The surgery was a total success and there is No leakage around the plug device that was implanted, but his heart muscle is still very weak. So he is on a very expensive Medication (about $91 a month) and we are supplementing his daily diet with Raw Goat Milk to help strengthen his little heart muscle (about $30 a month). We are feeding him Purina ProPlan Puppy, shreadded chicken and rice. (about $65 a month)

Click Here to SPONSOR Sterling

Finnigan: Finnigan was adopted into his Furever home a couple of days before his Blood Test Results came back. BAD NEWS!  Finny was diagnosed with Cancer and his New Adoptive parent was not up to the challenge and expense of owning a sick Sheltie, so COSR welcomed Finnigan back into the system and an alternative Dog was placed into the home. Finnigan was immediately taken to MedVet and treated for his cancer. Today, Finnigan is still in Cancer Remission, but is and expensive

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